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What’s Brand Got to Do with It?

Private Club Branding

Oh, the confusion over the word “brand.” Say it, and some conjure logos or packaging or even merely the ubiquity of a particular company, its product or service.  Dispensing with the business school diatribe (or of pointing out that the Disney brand experience is about more than getting to meet Snow White), author and “marketing guru” Seth Godin defines brand as

“The set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”


Building Consensus

“Half the effort in club planning is design. The other — equal — half is consensus-building.”

Rick Snellinger, Chambers President & CEO Master Planning Specialist

Master Planning Consensus Building

Over the years, Chambers has worked with a number of clubs that have begun and ended the master planning process more than once.

For all the countless hours and careful considerations of boards, managers, committees and consultants, when it came time to put proposed plans to the membership, they simply couldn’t muster enough votes to make all that blood, sweat and tears pay off on what they were sure was the right thing to do for the club.

What did they miss? The importance of consensus building.


Inspired! Where the Muses Are

The Chambers team finds endless sources of inspiration — from literal (say, when considering architectural approaches) to the more intellectually or emotionally stimulating (see TED, below). See where these have taken us. Then send us your favorite sources of inspiration to share.

So many blogs, so little time. And on every conceivable topic — hospitality/club/hotel/restaurant design, interiors of every shape and form, green products, more. Here are some of our favorites.
What are yours?

Google Images has become a staple. From general — “classic club design” — to searches on specific fabrics, outdoor fireplace trends or the latest in lighting for the hospitality industry, Google Images can be a first source for visual inspiration and sourcing.

Make the trade publications come to you — follow Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazine, Hospitality Design Magazine, Club & Resort Business Magazine and more on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Their best stories show up in your feeds — it just takes a click to see more.

Ideas Worth Spreading. That’s the mantra of the TED events — “Riveting talks by remarkable people…” On a myriad of topics, there’s enough TED to inspire just about any sensibility.


It May Be Easy Being Green. But Is it Affordable?

In Chambers’ club industry survey, Club ’22 — Club of the Future, we asked a series of questions about interest in and the importance of sustainability for private clubs.  Responses ranged from those who felt clubs have a unique responsibility for environmental stewardship — as pillars of their communities and major land users — to a small percentage who felt sustainability just wouldn’t be a club industry priority (4.4%).  Most fell in the “We’re doing our part but could do more” camp (65%).

When it comes to building and capital improvements, however, there seemed to be a resounding chorus of “Unfortunately, it’s just not financially feasible” for the industry.  With so much interest and sweeping skepticism, we set out to determine if that really were the case and to find out what the experts in the design and building industry might offer as options for being — and building — green.


Listen Up!

Private clubs aren’t likely to be accused of being early adopters of communications technology.  But with the over-50 crowd the fastest growing segment of Facebook users and mobile and online apps the rule more than the exception in everything from booking reservations to checking weather forecasts, digital tools are making it easier and more efficient to stay in touch with members.

Many tools and channels also integrate easily into CRM, or Custom Relationship Management platforms, lightening the load and heightening impact.


The Trifecta

Lunch specials, tournament highlights, social event invitations — it’s a great way to reach out and a fun way to let members engage back. And help promote the club to their networks in the process.

Up-to-the-minute updates and last minute promotions. In 140 characters or fewer.

Instructional videos, updates on the latest capital improvements, even town hall meeting recordings can be added to your own private YouTube channel.


Total eGolf Golf Course Management | Club Essential specializes in interactive and mobile-enabled websites for private clubs.