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Perspectives from the Other Side: Seven Key Takeaways From CMAA World Conference 2017

90th CMAA World Conference LogoThough every year’s CMAA World Conference is special in its own way, the 90th one in Orlando certainly didn’t disappoint! A lot of general managers spoke this year, lending many of these talks an operations-centric viewpoint that was invaluable for managers in attendance.

As I’ve mentioned in my past columns, it’s vital to share the knowledge we learned – with those that attended Conference and even those that missed out. After all, even if you attended Conference, there are only so many places you can be at once – and there were numerous education sessions to choose from. I attended sixteen education sessions during conference – not counting the sessions my fellow Chambers teammates attended!

Here are the key takeaways that I walked away with this year. Bear in mind that this is by no means comprehensive list of themes and subjects. This is simply what I and other members of the Chambers team observed as we made our way through this exciting week! Read the rest of this entry »

Perspectives From the Other Side
How To Turn CMAA World Conference Into A Mastermind Group

Kevin MacDonald CMAA Leadership Coach

Kevin MacDonald is CMAA’s leadership coach and creator of The Extraordinary Leader program.

“No man is an island.” We’ve all heard this famous turn-of-phrase, but it’s difficult to internalize. No one has all the answers to life’s questions. Though self-reliance is certainly critical, it’s equally important to make the most out of your relationships.

I can speak from experience. Joining P10 – a Mastermind Group made up of 10 club managers and other industry professionals – over 12 years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made both professionally and personally. Masterminding is the ultimate way to utilize your relationships for both giving and receiving new insights. In my opinion, we should all consider joining a Mastermind Group to make the most of our careers and our lives as a whole.

Luckily, CMAA World Conference in February offers the perfect opportunity to Mastermind. One of the best things about CMAA World Conference is that it gives you a chance to find like-minded (and not-so-like-minded) club industry professionals.

Right now you might be asking yourself how you can transform CMAA Conference into a Mastermind. You might even be a little fuzzy on what a Mastermind Group actually is. To get a more well-rounded perspective on this subject, I’ve reached out to my friend and mentor Kevin MacDonald. Kevin is CMAA’s leadership coach, creator of The Extraordinary Leader program, and founding member of P10 – the Mastermind Group I’m a part of. Merging his industry expertise as a former club manager with his gift for leadership, Kevin dedicates himself to elevating the lives of industry professionals. Here’s what he had to say about Mastermind Groups and how CMAA World Conference can provide a similar experience.

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Perspectives From the Other Side
Are You Budgeting For Your Club’s Future?


Budgeting for Your Private Club's Future

‘Tis the season for private club budgeting! But unlike the holidays, few General Managers will have a cheerful pep in their step at the thought of reviewing F&B revenue or inspecting this year’s inventory management. Last month I talked about taking the pain out of the budgeting process, but this month I want to acknowledge an essential expense that many clubs are tempted to skimp on: The Future.

Compared to that raise key staff members are demanding or that bunker that needs replacing, it can seem extravagant to spend club dollars on something as abstract as the “The Future.” But some internal expenses are essential to creating a functioning club – and maintaining a healthy bottom line.

So what costs are necessary to maintain a high-functioning private club? Is there any way to cut down these essential costs? I’m glad you asked.

No private club budget should be drafted without considering…
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Why Are Private Club Spa Facilities the “Next Big Thing?”

Private Club Massage RoomIn an ever-shifting world of technological advancement and increasingly complex social dynamics, the future of private clubs can feel uncertain. However, the nation’s burgeoning obsession with health and wellness may offer an answer – or at least a good indicator – of where private clubs are headed. According to Chambers’ “Club of the Future” Survey, 18% of club leaders believe that clubs will become a center for sports, health, and fitness. In fact, spa and fitness services are the fastest growing sector of the private club market – making them a top priority when it comes to building new facilities.

Unfortunately, only 10% of club leaders reported prioritizing the construction of health or spa facilities, even though 46% indicated that this facility would be critical for future relevancy. Despite the budding importance of spa facilities, only a limited number of clubs are staying ahead of the trend and working to meet future demand.

For many members, spas have become more than just a luxury – they have become an essential part of self-care. Here, we explore why tomorrow’s member will desire the services that spas commonly offer and how private clubs can swoop in to meet growing demand.
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Perspectives From the Other Side
Taking the Pain Out of Private Club Budgeting

Private Club Budgeting

I don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but here it is: Summer is coming to a close. And with autumn right around the corner, many private clubs are beginning to take a look at their budgets. How have they adhered to their projected spending this year? How should the funds be allocated next year? How can the club continue to move into the future without breaking the bank? Refreshing the budget is essential to the success of any private club, but few can claim that the process is easy or enjoyable. It can be a trying time of coming to terms with missteps, understanding your limitations, and facing harsh realities.

Luckily, there are many ways to make this process significantly easier. From considering outside forces to shifting our entire approach, these methods will help you not only improve the process, but also produce more detailed, accurate budgets for your private club!
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Should Golf Course Renovations Take First Priority for Private Clubs?

Hitting golf ballIn the past, a huge portion of the private club industry has lived by one cardinal rule: Golf is king. Whenever there is extra money to spend, many clubs naturally assume that the funds should be used on golf course enhancements. But as the old saying goes: “To assume is to be deceived.”

Every year clubs funnel thousands of dollars into resurfacing greens, improving bunkers, altering tee boxes… the list goes on and on. But the world is changing – and so is the club industry. Gone are the days when maintaining a pristine golf course was enough to attract and retain a loyal membership. Member needs and desires are shifting and the club industry is trying its best to keep up with these shifts.  While golf is a large part of many club experiences, it no longer reigns supreme – meaning that the industry should begin looking at golf course renovations in a whole different light.

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