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Perspectives From the Other Side
3 Between-Season Goals For Club Managers


This summer is passing us by in a flash. And although many private clubs are still busy after Independence Day, it’s important to start preparing for the fall season as well. Northeast, Midwest, and Mid Atlantic clubs soon will see a decline in activity—particularly after Labor Day. Meanwhile, clubs in warmer climates are gearing up for their membership to return for the winter season. It’s a time of contemplation; and ultimately, a time of preparation for new challenges to come.

No matter where your club is located, the best way all managers can utilize their time between seasons is to do three things: reflect, prioritize, and maintain. What do I mean by that? Continue reading to find out.

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Designing Ahead:
10 City Club Trends on the Rise


As a private club leader, you’ve likely noticed a variety of shifts occurring in the industry today. Lifestyles are evolving and so is the way members are using their club. We touch on this topic often because the ability for private clubs to adapt and evolve with their members is imperative to their survival.

Cities lead by a wonderful example when they evolve; they constantly grow and enhance their offerings while still speaking to the unique culture of their respective neighborhoods—so it only makes sense that city clubs do the same.  Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most prestigious city clubs in North America, and through our strategic planning, facilities planning, and design efforts, we’ve discovered that city clubs often lead the way for how their golf and country club counterparts should respond to shifts in what members have come to expect from their “home away from home”.

Here, we delve into 10 city club trends that will impress even your most forward-looking member.

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Perspectives from the Other Side:
Identifying Niches Within Your Private Club Membership


Last month, I addressed many different methods that can enhance your private club events and make them a success year-round. In that column, I briefly touched upon the importance of targeting niches within your membership; however, I think it’s important to delve a little deeper into this topic.

Targeting niches within a larger audience has become a leading marketing trend over the last decade within the private club industry and beyond—and for good reason. This technique has continuously proved itself to be one of the most effective marketing methods available. This is doubly true for private clubs. In fact, I would argue that it’s one of the most overlooked yet effective ways to increase overall member engagement at your club. Want to know why member niches are important and how you can use them to your advantage? Keep reading for a quick crash course!

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Strategic Planning: Is it Really Worth It?
Establishing a Strategic Direction


The private club industry is abuzz with talk of the continuous need to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of members. New programs, reimagined spaces, inventive services—there are numerous ways to brighten the appeal of a club membership for today’s modern member while continuing to respect history and traditions of the past.

But where are we going, exactly? What is the purpose or driving force behind these decisions? As clubs continue to brainstorm new activities and reinvent the traditional private club experience, club leaders must first take pause to think about the bigger picture. What is our mission as a club? What do we hope the club will “be” in the future? And how do we get there?

Many would say there is a clear-cut answer: strategic planning. But isn’t that for businesses and corporate entities? Can clubs really benefit from applying the same practices to the Chef’s dining program or the club’s membership categories? Keep reading to find out!


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Splash into Summer with these Poolside Necessities

With the unofficial start of summer behind us and plenty of warm, sunny days just around the corner, many clubs across the country are gearing up for families to spend much of their time at one area of the club in particular—the pool!

Today, pool facilities play an important role in enhancing membership value and are one of the top reasons families decide to join a private club. While there are many (often costly) ways clubs can improve the pool area, there are also several opportunities to implement cost-effective elements that can drastically improve the overall poolside experience without breaking the bank. Let’s dive right in!

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New Age Health & Wellness:
Ensuring Your Facility Wins the Race Against Its Competition

As fitness and wellness trends continue to evolve across the globe, conversations around these amenities in private clubs do as well. Many club leaders often grapple with whether or not they should incorporate a fitness facility into their private club offerings—some are skeptical about whether their members will ever utilize the facilities; others fear there is too much competition from local area gyms and fitness clubs; and some feel the task is too daunting and it’s just not the right time for their club.

These are all valid considerations and concerns—but today’s private club fitness facilities aren’t like those of the past. To learn more, we spoke with Steve Alvezi, Manager of the North American Country Club division at Precor—a leading brand in the fitness equipment space that’s dedicated to creating personalized fitness experiences. With over seven years of experience in the private club fitness sector, Alvezi offers a great perspective into the world of health and wellness and valuable insight into what today’s active private club member is looking for in a fitness facility (Hint: it’s not just fitness anymore!).

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