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International Day of Happiness:
Transform your Club Atmosphere Through Acts of Giving


Today is International Day of Happiness—and to many, this can represent a slew of different things.  What comes to mind when you hear the word, happy? Better yet, how do you define your own happiness? You may think of your family, friends, career or a list of beloved hobbies. Our minds instinctively gravitate toward those people, places and things we hold most dear.

At Chambers, we find joy in making others happy—consistently working to exceed expectations and push the envelope. Each and every day, we work meticulously to ensure the satisfaction of our private club clients—which, in turn, translates into member satisfaction. For us, it’s much more than surface level design. It’s about translating our passion for aesthetic and unique design to create a physical environment that cultivates an unmatched experience.

At our core, our happiness is derived from the happiness of others. And if we break this down further, it becomes quite clear that these passions to problem-solve and provide exceptional service can be used for the greater good as well. So as a club leader, what does this all mean for you and your club? Below, we dive into the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of charitable involvement and the benefits—and happiness—your club can achieve by giving back.

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Perspectives from the Other Side:
Six Key Takeaways from CMAA’s 2018 Conference


As I regularly say in my column, sharing knowledge is an essential part of ensuring our success as club managers and as an industry. This is why attending CMAA World Conference is always an essential part of my year. It’s all about being exposed to new ideas—either through speakers, education sessions, or conversations among peers. Of course, many people don’t have the opportunity to experience Conference and if you attend, you can’t possibly see and do everything. With this is mind, I want to share six key themes that defined Conference for me this year. This month’s column is a bit longer than my usual…but I have so much to share!

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Are Private Clubs Still Relevant?
The New Role of Private Clubs in Today’s Society


It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since the United States was in the midst of the Great Recession. Many industries were impacted by the financial crisis—and the private club industry was no exception. Clubs across the country suffered and some were forced to close their doors forever. At the time, the industry faced much uncertainty and many were fearful for what it all meant for the future of private clubs.

Today, the energy in the industry is vastly different—much more upbeat. For many, the recession was an unfortunate wake-up call leading to the realization that this isn’t our grandfather’s private club any longer. Today’s memberships are diverse, complex and have different priorities than those from decades past. Still, with questions surrounding the future of golf and the club industry itself, some are left wondering: Are private clubs still relevant in today’s society? We certainly think so—at least, they can be.

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Five Great Reads to Become a Better Leader


We’ve closed the book on 2017 and we’re now well into the next chapter. This may mean a slew of different things for leaders around the world, but most can agree that growth, both personal and professional, is always necessary. What can you do as a leader to benefit your club, its employees, and your relationship with the latter? If you’re feeling stuck, these five books are chocked full of great insights to help move you and your club management efforts in the right direction.

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Is Hiring a Membership Director Worth It?


It is impossible to ignore the vast utilization shifts occurring in private clubs around the world. Once acknowledged, however, club leaders can find themselves feeling overwhelmed or struggling to know how best to welcome these changes with an appropriate strategy.

Holding tight to processes and techniques of years past aren’t going to help see your club through the coming years. A proper communication plan and brand image within your club is critical in relation to member engagement, retention, culture and overall satisfaction. Which leads many to an important question—who is the best person to help set these efforts in motion? Is hiring a Membership Director the answer?

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A Five-Star Experience:
How Private Clubs are Taking Cues from Hotels


In many ways, a great private club is much like a great hotel. It has a distinct sense of place, creates a feeling of warmth and community, and provides valuable services that enhance the lives of its guests or members. Keeping this in mind, it is not surprising that private clubs have often looked to the hotel industry for inspiration.

Though hotels and private clubs face very different challenges in their respective industries, the ways they cater to today’s guest (or member) regularly intersect. Both hotels and private clubs must create a “home away from home” experience to bring value. In order to accomplish this, their amenities and design must continuously evolve in the face of today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world. Here are a few ways that hotels have (or could) influence the private clubs of tomorrow.

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