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Perspectives from the Other Side:
3 Resources for Improving Staff Communications

There is no denying that communication is the driving force behind gauging membership satisfaction in the private club industry. As I discussed in last month’s column, communication is key! And while it is important for Club leaders to have a Communications Plan in place for member interactions, staff communications are equally important!

During my time as a Club manager, I was always looking for resources in the industry that could help prepare me and my staff for the days ahead. Today, there are many great resources that can help improve the content and quality of discussions among your team. Here are a few that I have found to be really beneficial — Check them out and give them a try!
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Perspectives from the Other Side:
Valuing the Communications Plan

Club leaders know that embracing technology is of the utmost importance for private clubs. While technology can impact many aspects of club operations, it also plays an important role in communications. In short, communication is key — and while I am a firm believe that there is no such things as over-communication, there are definitely ways to improperly communicate.

Today, there are so many different forms of communication that it can be difficult to know which outlets are appropriate for which segments of your membership, how often to use them, and so on. Instead of inundating members with the wrong kinds of communication, it is important to understand the differences and know how to target your message appropriately. This is where the “Communications Plan” comes into play. Working in a “high-touch” business, private clubs must have a plan in place that outlines how best to communicate — both internally and externally. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Ways Social Media and Technology Advances Can Help Your Club


Private clubs are changing the way they view social media and technology in their clubs, understanding that new technological advances are making club operations and communication easier. Here are a few strategies to implement a better tech-savvy presence into your private club. Check them out!

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The Perennial Club Experience: Creating a Suite of Year-Round Amenities and Services


Private clubs across the country are constantly competing for members’ time. Club leaders struggle to find ways to keep their members proactively enjoying all they have to offer – especially during inclement weather and the ‘off-season’. When it rains in the South or turns cold in the North, members have traditionally spent less time at their clubs. But these days, it isn’t just about the weather. Many club leaders have found their members spending more time at other recreational facilities with different service offerings, putting clubs in a precarious situation. So if members are finding greater value in other facilities… how do we bring that value back to the club they hold near and dear?

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Beyond the Cellar: Why Private Clubs Should Invest in Wine


It’s no secret that many private clubs are a haven for wine lovers. Some clubs, particularly those who have long and storied histories, are known for their extensive wine collections. But are most clubs using this unique feature to their advantage? Wine is only growing in popularity, and as demand rises, private clubs must begin looking beyond the subterranean wine cellar to please wine loving, or even wine curious, members.

Many of the world’s leading clubs have encouraged the creation of ‘clubs within a club’ and activity groups that revolve around wine consumption. The creation of front and center wine displays and private lockers, and the investment in sommeliers and knowledgeable wine professionals, can be a worthwhile investment for clubs. So… what’s the advantage of putting time and money into these facilities?

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Holistic Perspectives: What Sets Private Club Interior Designers & Residential Designers Apart

When it comes time to renovate your club’s interiors, it can be tempting to hire the residential designer that is a ‘friend of a friend’. After all, relationships and personal recommendations are a powerful thing. However, this line of thinking is a common pitfall for clubs, and often ends up costing hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars. “Furnishings must look like an extension of one’s home, but perform as if in a college dormitory” says Rick Snellinger, Chambers’ President and CEO.

What exactly makes an experienced private club designer more qualified than a residential designer for these projects? Here are some of the unique considerations that private club designers take into account during the design process…

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